Life at CMSPI

The company’s biggest asset is the knowledge and expertise of its people, and the only way we can maintain and build on the success we have had up until now, is through the recruitment and training of brilliant individuals.

Our Mission

At CMSPI, development of our talent starts from the moment we first speak to a candidate. Throughout our recruitment process, we assess not only the current skills and passions of candidates, but also their future potential, strengths, areas for improvement, and potential roles they can progress into should they choose to.

Our mission is to grow and nurture a team with the capability and expertise to build a £100 million turnover business. A business that is proud to develop talent that drives growth commercially, professionally and personally.

Life at CMSPI

People are at the forefront of CMSPI and this is reflected in the investment we provide in each and every team member.

We provide lots of advice and guidance on your career development, but one of the best things about CMSPI is the opportunity you’ll have to create your own path. We approach each person’s career individually, taking into account your unique strengths and passions. If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat.

Brand Values


Recruitment Illustrations_Teamtailor_Latest-diversity-01.png


     Adding Value

    Looks to drive efficiency for clients
    and our business


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Seeks to be the best they can be.
Strives for excellence, knowledge
and expertise.



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     Taking Ownership
      Takes responsibility,  always looking
      for improvement and efficiency, leads
      by example.



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Builds relationships across
departments. Feels a responsibility 
to teammates, helps colleagues,
shares information, ideas, 
and success.




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  Always looks to do the right thing,   
  rather than the easy thing. 
  Reliable and  trustworthy.

Benefits of Working at CMSPI

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